Looking For Suitable Dentures? We'll Give You Something To Smile About!

If you need to replace, reline or adjust your existing dentures or fabricate a new one, Tewantin Dental Centre will help you achieve a brighter, fresher smile.

Why Dentures?

Perhaps it’s time to part with your old denture and you are worried about what the new one will be like? There is no need for concern. At Tewantin Dental Centre, it’s all about your comfort and helping you achieve a fresh smile. Dentures are used for a number of reasons. The first and foremost reason is the obvious cosmetic benefit of having a mouth full of teeth, and the second is that dentures can actually stimulate the jawbone which maintains the shape and function of your jaw. If you fail to put pressure on your jaw bone while you eat then you will find that your jaw bone begins to recede. This can affect the appearance of your facial profile.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are prosthetic devices constructed to replace missing teeth. Conventional dentures are constructed from acrylic-based materials and are most commonly removable. However, there are many different variations, some of which rely on clasping or being bonded onto dental implants or your natural teeth.

Dentures can be used for a full arch restoration in accordance with multiple dental implants which will act as the support for denture arch. This is where dentures are used to replace missing teeth on the upper (mandibular) or lower (maxillary) arch of the cavity.

This is popular among individuals who no longer have natural teeth and seek a solution that will provide a permanent solution rather than conventional dentures.

We Consider Aesthetic Composition When Constructing Your Dentures

You can be assured that you will be involved throughout the entire process of designing your new dentures. You will be able to choose the shape, colour and appearance of your denture to suit your facial aesthetics and smile.

The team at Tewantin Dental Centre will be able to recommend the denture solution that will look most natural in accordance with the shape of your jaw, cheeks and facial size.

Contact Tewantin Dental Centre

If you have any questions about getting dentures or would like to restore an existing denture, call our expert team on 07 5447 1361, or send us a message and we'll get back to you. Our practice welcomes patients from all over the local area, including Tewantin, Noosa, and Cooroibah.